Monday, October 8, 2012

Inglot's AMC Cream Foundation


Today I'm going to review one of the products I got in my recent "haul" that you can read about Here.  I needed a winter foundation  - my blog is www.formosacandidus for a reason (it means pale beauty in Latin).  And now that summer is over I am only getting lighter. 

When I was at Inglot their AMC Cream foundation in LW100 matched really well and it's a nice medium coverage.  Inglot describes it as : Vitamin E, peptides and special polyesters are combined with a unique silicone and gel base to keep all skin types (especially dry) illuminated and moisturized.  Price $21.

You can check thier color selection Here.
As you can see below when swatched this foundation looks warmer, but blends into my lovely, fair flesh quite nicely :)
You can barely see where I blended it in above the foundation blob on my arm.
And here I am before work looking slightly tired but with lovely matching foundation.

I think that Inglot's AMC Cream Foundation is a good choice if you are having a hard time finding a match for you skin tone and don't want to spend a lot.  At $21 it's not that much more than a drugstore foundation and they have a large selection of shades.  I think it also provides a nice medium coverage and though the description says it's ideal for dry skin, I have combination skin and had no problems. 

Anyone tried any of Inglot's foundation?


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  1. i haven't tried any of their stuff but you got a perfect match for foundation! :)