Monday, October 22, 2012

Influenster...Kinky Moves Hair Cream

Tonight I gave my sample of Not Your Mothers "kinky moves" hair cream from the Influenster Beauty Blogger Vox Box a try.

I think it's rather humorous that it's called Not your Mother's Kinky Moves (I sure hope my mother doesn't have any kinky moves!)  Anywhoo, I have naturally curly hair but it's fairly thin so it frizzes rather easily.  The cream claims to "It eliminates frizz and fly aways to show your true locks."  It did not specify how much to use but to " Apply to hair and saturate locks. Distribute evenly form root to top. Scrunch curls and style as desired, then blow-dry upside down or air dry to reveal smooth, long lasting curls, all day long." 
So I used a quarter sized "dollop"
Although they suggest to scrunch your hair, because mine is so thin the more I scrunch the more the curls fall apart and just become frizz.  Although it is infused with grapeseed & Jasmine, it does not have a very strong smell.  I actually like my hair products to leave behind a bit of scent (as long as it's nice) :)

Here are the results - and no make up for me!
My hair is probably 90% dry here - the cream didn't reduce frizz and I don't think it boosted my curls.

Even less impressive from the back.  So no "Kinky Moves" for me. Just frizzy waves :(   I may actually use it when I straighten my hair and see what happens.



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  2. I just found you through the Monday Blues Blog Hop, and I was curious to see your review on this since I've been tempted to pick it up several times. Now I won't be tempted anymore. :-) Thanks for saving me money I can now spend on something else. lol

    1. That why I like to show pictures of my results (even if I look like hell) because they show the real deal.

  3. Aw :( It looks pretty nice in the front! :D