Thursday, October 11, 2012

My first Beauty subscription - Ipsy (formerly Glam Bag)


After reading about many different beauty subscription services from various bloggers, I decided to go with Glam Bag (now Ipsy for whatever reason).  It's $10 a month and you always get a new little makeup bag.  This month's "theme" was Bombshell:

I love the cute little chevron bag and inside...

Costal Scents - A sample of four neutral eye shadows, great for my work bag so I can be lovely on the run!  Price ??

The Balm - What's your Type? Mascara, I love sample mascara's cuz I don't feel guilty about switching it up so often.  Sample size about $4.50

Mirenesse - Lip Bomb Glossy Laquer Stain (I am not sure the color but it's a neutral) It's a bit sticky at first but then dries down to a gloss that stays!  $39 according to the Mirenesse site (WHAT!?!)

Pequi Oil Treatment - by Couture Colour.  I haven't tried it yet, but I love my Morrocan Oil so I'll probably like this too.  $12 for the same size on Sephora.

be a ...Bombshell Eyeliner - In Onyx, This has an awesome felt tip pen applicator is a nice dark black, it also dries down and stays PUT. Love!  Full size $14.

Total $69.50 plus the bag - for $10!  I am totally satisfied, I think I chose well!

What's your favorite subscription service?



  1. Yeah, I pretty much fail with make-up, but I love the chevron bag and little clipart. So cute! Thanks for dropping by my blog, and hope you come again!
    I loved the comment you wrote me, but I couldn't reply! Here's how to make sure I can:

    Hope it helps!


  2. Ooh pretty awesome products for a great price!

    1. I was so pleasantly surprised! Yea!

  3. Lovely Blog! :) Glad I found you via the Blog Hop! Would be awesome if you could follow me back! :)

    1. I checked out your superb blog and am now following back!