Friday, October 26, 2012

NYC Individual Eyes - Union Square


Today I want to share another product I got in my Influenster Beauty Blogger Vox Box , It's the NYC Individual Eyes Palette in Union Square.

It comes with 4 colors, eye primer and highlighter.  As you can see above it also has a diagram of where to put the eye colors, I followed it but you need to experiment for your eye shape. I have hooded eyes so I always need to move the crease up a bit. 

I have used a couple of NYC products before (nail polish - liked :) and an eyeshadow duo that was not so good, so I did not have high hopes.  So this palette was a pleasant surprise! 

Here are the swatches of color just on my bare arm - no primer.  you cant even see the lightest color on the far left because it is the exact color of my skin - which is good, I need a skin color.

The highlighter is very white and shimmery, but it looks better in the eyebrow arch area than on my arm!

And here are the colors over the primer (which is very creamy) You still can't really see the 4th color on the far left but I promise you it is there.  The primer definitely boosts the color a bit.  The shadows themselves are nicely pigmented and not powdery.  This is a great travel compact.  The staying power is good as well.  It does fade a bit after about 6 hours over primer, but for $5 for the whole palette... I'll take it.

Have you tried any of the NYC individual eyes palettes?  And what did you think?



  1. This sounds so good, jasmine! Been hearing so much about this influenster thig going around but im in australia and not sure if it applies here! Sounds like an exciting thing to be a part of though :) Mandy @

    1. I think it's a US only thing...but there has to be an Australian version. I'm sure there are Australian brands that want to get more household recognition, or even brands from wherever that are trying to get into the Australian market. It was very exciting to be chosen! Thanks for stopping by!

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