Monday, October 8, 2012

10 day you challenge continued...

I'm back again to continue my list


Now onto my nine loves...
1) I love croissants, love, love, love
2) I love rainy days in bed with a good book, hot apple cider and my precious kitty Tank

That's 16 pounds of love right there - he's so precious!
3) I love "crafts" almost as much as makeup, I make cards, and quilts and cross stitch and just DIY in general
4) I love books.  I can't go a day without reading.
5) I love Martha Stewart, I just think she is bad a$$
source: bing images
6) I love helping people with projects (like building IKEA furniture for them, or painting a room) whatever, just to make some one's day easier
7) I love baths (a good soak + super exfoliation + full body lotion = heaven
8) I love sitting in a shady but warm area by the sea and just watching the waves
Ruby Beach - WA state
9) I love Diet Coke...just for the taste of it!

Good thing there not a section about things that piss me off...we would be here all day.


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