Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review - Victoria's Secret Plump Pout Tinted Balm


Today I wanted to show a product I picked up before Christmas at Victoria's Secret.  It's part of their Beauty Rush collection - usually you can find them right by the register and they're usually 5 for $20 or something like that.

They also have glosses, and gloss "chubby" pencils.

The packaging on these is pretty flimsy - I think you can tell in the picture below that the plastic tube looks like it will crack pretty easily.

Now you can see on the tube it says "tinted balm" - here's the swatch:

Hmmmm, not quite what I was expecting.

Above are my lips before....

And here they are with the balm on...

It does have the plumping "tingle" but I didn't notice a big difference.  I still think there is nothing better than DuWop Lip Venom if you want real results.  I think this will go into my car for cosmetic emergencies. 

Do you have a favorite lip plumping product?



  1. This looks neither plumping nor tinted! I actually do not use any plumping products, I feel like I will look like a blow fish if I do

  2. Then you must have good lips! I have pretty normal lips so a little plumping action (possibly all in my mind), just makes me feel a little better. Also I think I just like really matte lips, or really glossy lips :)