Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Go To Mascara - Lancome Oscillation Intensity


I have tried many Mascaras in my time and I have one true love.
Lancome's Oscillation Intensity Mascara is a vibrating mascara (which I always thought was hokey - but this WORKS like none other!)  The formula is just right for me.  It makes my lashes look WAY fuller and longer.

So as you can see my lashes on the right are thin and short, but on the right Defined and LOOOONG!  I wear contacts and mascara is one thing I'm actually pretty sensitive to, so flaking mascara drives me bananas, I have no problems with flaking or smearing during the day and it comes off easily at night, which again is important because if I have any mascara residue I wake up with crazy itchy eyes.  At $35 dollars a tube it's not cheap, but because it WORKS so well for me, I'll pay the price :)

What's your favorite mascara?


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