Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Maybelline'sDream Fresh BB a successful surprise!


Today I tried Maybelline's Bream Fresh BB cream in Light Sheer.

It is an 8-in-1 Skin Perfector...8!  What are these 8 wonders?

1) Blurs Imperfections
2) Enhances  (I'm a little just enhances? That's not always a good thing).
3) Brightens
4) Adjusts to skin tone
5) Smoothes
6) Hydrates
7) SPF 30 protects
8) 0% oils and other heavy ingredients

Sooo...basically it's just like the 5 in 1 creams but they just used extras adjectives to get to 8.

But they had a tester at the store and the color was actually very light so I had to try it.
You can see it's a thinner consistency than so of the other balm's I've shown, but it blends in wonderfully.

Here I am with it on my face and nothing else.  It matches really well, and I am so glad there's SPF 30.  You can still see the blemish on my chin, but it looks super natural and it is definetly my new summer go to!  For $7.99 (Walgreens) I'm very glad I found this.


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