Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The A to Z's of Me


Whenever I come across a new blog that I think I might want to subscribe to (which is a big decision for me, as I ACTUALLY read the blogs I'm subscribed to everyday)  I always check out the "About Me" section on their blog.  Which got me thinking about my About Me section and how it really doesn't describe me at all!  So I decided to do an About me post.  Here are my A to Z's ~

A - Age : 33 (and I'm having a hard time with it, I want a 20's Do Over)

B-  Bed Size: Queen

C - Chore I dislike: Mowing the Lawn

D- Day: I don't like Tuesday's at work

F - Favorite Color: Black with a punch white, or pink, or turquoise

G - Gold or Silver: both?  It's the design of the piece that matters.

H - Height: 5'8

I - Instrument: Piano

J - Job Title: Creative Experience Manager

K - Kids: no thanks

L - Live: Chicago

M - Mom's Name: Lisa

N - Nicknames: Jazz, J-lo

O - Overnight stay at hospital: No, thank goodness

P - Pet Peeve: I have a lot...

Q - Quote from a Movie/TV show:
Ron Burgundy: Brian, I'm gonna be honest with you, that smells like pure gasoline. Brian Fantana: They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time. - From Anchorman

R- Right or left-handed: right-handed

S - Siblings: 3 younger brothers

T - Time you wake up: between 9am and 11am (but I work crazy late!)

U - Underwear: plain and comfortable

V - Vegetable you hate: I don't like red or yellow peppers

W - What makes you run late: not much unless, I oversleep 

X - X-rays you've had: my teeth and chest

Y - Yummy food you make: Comfort food - Lasagna, Enchiladas, Meatloaf...

Z - Zoo: I've been to many!  San Diego, Minnesota, Brookfield, St. Louis, North Eastern Wisconsin...

Ok... so that's me...Let me know about you!  Pick a letter any letter to comment on.



  1. I love this tag, I did it a while ago. Im following your blog!!


  2. can you do a blog on your hair? im wondering what color it is now? what you use? any keratin treatments or products you love? pictures would be great! and... if u happen to have any pics of the final coloring before chicago I would love to use it....I have the whole process taken w camera...the crazyness of going from one extreme to another but not the final result! (uhg! I do that all of the time!) also, it would be really cool to hear from a clients perspective what u are thinking when you see all of these changes and scary colors before the final end result at teh last visit!

    1. I should do a post on my easy curl overnight method. I'll have to look if I have pictures of my hair from last summer - I should somewhere! And there was never any scary colors that I remember from when you did my hair! You always made it fabulous! Miss you!