Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pixi Succulent Lip Twin...is a tempting two-some

Today I tried Pixi's Succulent Lip Twin in #3 Pink Peony.
The "balm" on the bottom can be used on the lips or as a cheek stain, and although the color looks quite intense in the package it's a very wearable rosy pink. 

The gloss is on the left and the balm on the right.

I tried the balm on my cheeks by putting a small streak ocross my cheek where I normally apply my blush and then blending it in with my fingers.  It leaves behind a subtle rosy sheen.  However, it fades after an hour or two.  A more dense application may make it last longer, but I'm worried it would look very harsh intially to be worth the extra wear time.  But as it is also lip product that you might want to carry anyway you could easily re-apply.
Intitial Swipe
The balm is also very nice on the lips moisturizing and a hint of color.
Bare Lips
The ratio of gloss to balm seems uneven, but you need quite a bit of gloss to pump up the color.
with gloss
Overall, i like this product quite a bit, it is compact, dual purpose, and a pretty color to boot.  It retails for $18 at Target.


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