Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dermactin -TS Freckle remover - Week 1


So I have been using the Dermactin-TS Age Spot Serum for a week, I plan on using it for 4 weeks to see if I get visible positive results.  Here's the the bottle for reference:
I really don't care for the "lipgloss" like applicator - it's unhygienic and I feel like I can't tell if I am applying the same amount or not.  I have been putting it on a freshly washed face in the AM & PM before my moisturizer, and also using sunscreen.  Although I didn't have sunscreen on this weekend and I know I got some sun :(  So I feel like I could have undone any "freckle removal" I may have gained this week as I freckle so fast and I RARELY go with out sunscreen.
So here are my side by side pictures of before I used the serum and one week after:
I see no difference - but as I said I may have compromised my own regimen.  So I will be extra careful this week and see if I can make a difference.

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  1. I'm trying to get rid of some darks spots myself right now & i been trying tons of products..Using H2O brightening lotion & coconut oil right now, see how that works :)
    found you at the bloghop :)