Friday, November 16, 2012

Inner Beauty Friday - Book Club!


It's Friday again and time for one of my favorite posts - Book Club!  I am linking up again with Blonde...Undercover Blonde .

This week I read Second Glance by Jodi Picolt:

Here is the Synopsis from
"Do we love across time? Or in spite of it?A developer has slated an ancient Abenaki Indian burial ground for a strip mall, and now strange happenings have the inhabitants of tiny Comtosook, Vermont, talking of supernatural forces at work. Ross Wakeman is a ghost hunter who's never seen a ghost -- all he's searching for is something to end the pain of losing his fiancee, Aimee, in a car accident. He tried suicide -- any number of times. Now Ross lives only for a way to connect with Aimee from beyond. Searching the site for signs of the paranormal, Ross meets the mysterious Lia, who sparks him to life for the first time in years. But the discoveries that await Ross are beyond anything he could dream of in this world -- or the next."

My thoughts: And now I remember why I stopped reading Jodi Picoult books...they frustrate the H#!! out of me.  The characters make really bad life choices and the book just drags on until everything is worked out for them even if they have to die -But it's like happy death which I guess I just don't understand.  I guess her writing is just not my cup of tea, nor are ghost hunter stories. 

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  1. haha so true, this is the only book of hers i didn't read. i HATED her most recent book,so i think i am finally done reading her work;they are all the same and boring nowadays.

    1. I don't know many authors than can write more than 10 books in less than 20 years and keep producing good work - it just becomes a formula.

  2. I dislike books that leave me confused also but I will probably try to read this because she's one of my favorite authors!

    Stopping by from the link up :)