Friday, November 23, 2012

Inner Beauty Friday - Book Club


I can't believe it is already Friday again!  Time for Book Club hosted by Blonde...Undercover Blonde. 

This week I read :

 Here is the synopsis from "A spell-binding and suspenseful true account of a life filled with darkness that would take years to escape. A gallery of sinister characters from both sides of the law inhabit the chapters of the author's life. It mirrors a prime concern of our society: women taking control of their own lives against all odds."

My thoughts: Well first and foremost that synopsis from Goodreads is not even close.  Spell-binding -NO.  Women taking control of their own lives against all odds - SUPER NO.  This book is supposedly true but it seems unbelievable.  It's all about a girl who grew up in Rochester, NY with a loving family but made a lot of bad choices (starting at like age 12 going to bars, and hitting on 23 year old guys because she could "handle" herself) and then blames everyone else for her unhappiness and her "dark" side. Oh and she talks about how hard it was to be so beautiful a lot as well. She never takes control of her life, just jumps from man to man.  As for an insider's view into the Mob - she name drops a lot and honestly I don't know a lot of the names (I'm not up on my 70's NY scene mobsters) but does she know what is actually going on? No, they just buy drinks for her and ask her to take unmarked envelopes and stuff into NYC when she goes.  This is one of those books I really had to work to read. 

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  1. I've never heard of this book, but I love the brutal honesty of your review! Stopping by from Book Club Friday!