Saturday, November 17, 2012

New to me! Detrivore Cosmetics

Earlier this month I ordered some loose mineral eyeshadows from Detrivore Cosmetics. 

From their website: "Detrivore Cosmetics is a small independent makeup company, owned and run by Distorria Mordred. We specialize in handmade loose makeup. Our products are not repackaged mica blends or made by a private label company. I make loose eyeshadow because I prefer it. The colors are more vivid and I like the variety of colors available. I like the buildable coverage and generally the feel of loose eyeshadow and foundation. It's a personal preference, not a moral or ethical choice. I also like supporting other indie bath and beauty sellers." 

I had seen swatches and makeup looks of Detrivore Cosmetics on and I really wanted to give it a try. And then I saw they were having a 35% off sale so  went for it!

First thing first I got their eye primer so I could be sure to get the best results -

It looks yellow but goes on absolutely clear, it's solid and reminds me of hard lip balm
but you warm it up with your finger and it goes on smooth and soft.
From their website: "Eyeshadow primer from Detrivore Cosmetics is a wax based primer designed to help adhere loose eye shadows. Just a tiny amount can help keep your shadow on all day. It is also somewhat water resistant, although not water proof."  I will definitely be using this with my other loose shadows. 

I picked out six shadows and they are A-mazing!

Top L to R Ossuary & Adipocere
Bottom L to R  Incantation & Shroud

Top L to R Filth & Scar
And then they sent me two samples Acid Test & Hack

I swatched them over the primer and they are 10x more beautiful in person:
L to R  Ossuary, Flith, Scar, Incantation Shroud & Adipocere

They blend like a dream and such a little amount goes a long way!

The samples Acid Test and Hack
Not colors I would have chosen on my own so it will be great to try them!
I am so pleased with my new shadows - I definitely recommend you check out their site!


  1. Normally I stay away from loose powders but I may need to try this

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  2. Great colors! I think I like Filth and Scar the best.

  3. Those shadows are so pretty! Excited to be a new follower!