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10 Day You Challenge - Last 6 in One!


Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you are having a lovely day no matter if you celebrate it where you are or not. 

I started the 10 Day You Challenge in the beginning of October and obviously I didn't complete it in 10 days.  So I thought I'd link up with Blog Love Therapy today and finish it all up.


So I last posted about 7 Wants - and now I am on to :

6 Places
I could easily pick 6 places I want to visit, but I there are great places I have been that I would happily be.  So I am going to do 3 and 3.

The first 3 are places I have been to and LOVE:
#1 Yellowstone National Park - 

Yellowstone is just amazing to me - it has so many amazing geographical elements as you can see in the illustration above.  I love camping there, It just is like a wonderland to me.

#2 Ruby Beach, Washington State:
Another place that is just lovely and sooo peaceful to me.  It was sunny the day I was there and I found a huge tree that was laying on the beach and it was basically driftwood (so very soft) and I just rested on it and watched the waves and it was one of the most peaceful and relaxing hours of my life.

#3 Abu Simbel, Egypt
I was lucky enough to spend a week in Egypt and although the pyramids, and Luxor Temple are amazing - Abu Simbel is MAGICAL.  When you see it, it leaves you awestruck, and just blown away that this was created thousands of years ago, and the architectural intricacies are mind blowing.  I truly don't have the words to describe it.

And three places I want to see:

LONDON - I know I was British in another life!  I took my current job on the chance we may go public and I wouold get to possibly move to the UK to do start up training.

Hong Kong:
So little space so much Amazingness and technology and luxury!

Kyoto, Japan:
Beautiful Architecture and Natural Beauty and just history overflowing!

So that's my six places!  Onto 5 foods!

5 Foods:

The thing about food is I don't really LOVE anything... I just eat a lot of crap because it's easy.  Chips or carrots I don't care, whatever is lying about, but these things I will always say yes to:

#1) Diet Coke - indeed just for the taste of it!

#2) Candy - I have a terrible sweet tooth
#3) Croissants -

#4) Chips and Salsa (but the salsa needs to be Mild and not "saucy")
#5) Panera Cinnamon Crunch Bagels

Not very exciting - so onto 4 Books-

4 Books:

I love Books!  I have read over 500 in the past 10 years.  I keep a book diary and I am on book #519 since 2003.  It's actually not that hard for me to pick just 4 as there are very few books I have absolutely LOVED.  Here are four that I think are among the greatest I have ever read:

1) Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
2) Random Family - Adrain Nicole Leblanc
3) Snow Flower & the Secret Fan - Lisa See
4) The Glass Castle - Jeanette Walls

Let me know if you read any of these and what you thought :)  Now if you are still reading on to 3 films:

3 Films:

#1) The Sound of Music
I love the songs, the scenery and Captin VonTrapp

#2) Anchorman
Best one liners, Best fight scene and the CLOTHES! 

#3) Secretary
James Spader as I imagine him to be ... wonderful.

2 Songs:
 I am not hugely into music (GASP I know!)  So I'm just going to go with songs I have loved for a long time and don't tire of listening to.

#1) All I ask of you - Sarah Brightman
#2) Vogue - Madonna


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Thanks for reading!


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