Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Freckles be gone - Week 2!

Hello again!

I am on my second week of using Dermactin-TS in an attempt to even out my skin and attempt to remove my freckling.

I still REALLY don't like the applicator I have no idea how much I am getting on my face.  Also as you can see from the pictures below I don't think it's making much difference:
From L to R - before using, week 1 & week 2
But I am going to keep on using it for 2 more weeks and wait for the great miracle occur!


  1. I think I see a difference between the first and the last pic!
    Why do you want to get rid of your freckles?:(

    1. Because I am so pale, I would like to be evenly pale. They look like age spots to me ( like on the back of an 80 year old's hand) Now these pictures are taken in very bright natural light so it looks as "bad" as possible so I can see the difference. I am VERY vain about my pale skin and protect it with a vigilance so I just want it to be all porcelain :) The pale skin also = hyperpigmentation very easily so if I get scratched or a pimple it's red for months.

  2. Most skin lighting product take 4-6 weeks to see some noticeable result. I hope it will get better in the next couple weeks.

    1. Trust me I know! I always do a 6 week trial. So far the best results have come from professinal microdermabrasion and kojic acid. But Lancome's Bright Expert works pretty well, so I may just go back to that.