Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MUA Cosmetics Haul & Swatches


Earlier this year (I think it was right before thanksgiving) MUA had a 35% off sale plus free shipping (which was awesome because it's from the UK).  So I picked up a few products to try, Goodness knows I have way to much make-up but their Undressed palette is an UnbEliEvaBle dupe for the original Naked palette:
Naked Palette on Top / MUA Undressed palette bottom  image source

And the palette was only $6.42 (which with 35% off was only $4.17!)  So I got 2 other palettes and 2 blushes as well.
Unfortunately as you can see above my Undressed palette came BROKEN:(  But I talked to customer service and hopefully a new one is on its way.

 First up the blushes - I got shade 2 and shade 4:

Shade 4 on the left is a peach tone and Shade 2 is a rose pink - they aren't super pigmented but that is ok because they show up really well on my fair skin, so I need just a bit.

I also got the Pretty Pastels Palette :

The colors are all shimmery but I think it's a good addition to my eyeshadow collection to blend into darker jewel tones.  I think you could make the colors more intense with a white cream eyeshadow underneath.

And finally the Artiste Collection:

2 blushes - a pink and a darker rose.  A bronzer that is way too dark for me and a highlighter that is a shimmery white.  Unfortunately the pas holding the blush/bronzer/shimmer are reaally small (Like an inch and half by an inch tall) so you need to use a a very small brush to apply product.  Fortunately, I just got a small stippling brush so it works out.  The eyeshadows are nicely pigmented and a good selection of colors to make different looks.  And for $6.29 it was a great deal!
Have you tried an MUA products?  They are running a 40% Off sale through tomorrow at 11am Central.  Here's the website - http://www.muastore.co.uk/

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  1. The Undressed palette is such a dupe for the Naked Palette it's crazy! I've just tried the MUA Heaven & Earth Palette and 1 single eyeshadow but I want to try out more.

  2. I have my fill (for now!) but I know the next time they have a sale with free international shipping I'm in! :)