Saturday, December 8, 2012

NOTD - Snowflakes


Today I wanted to share a manicure with nail art I did - which for me is rare! I'm usually a pick a color, do lots of prep work, base coat, polish, top coat and done.  Here is what I used:
Love & Beauty Polish by Forever 21 in Navy, Kiss Nail art paint in white, Kiss Nail art paint in silver

I started with all my usual prep work - wash hands, use Orly Primetime, put on a coat of Orly Bonder & 2 Coats of polish in Love & Beauty Polish in Navy.

Then I googled how to draw simple snow snowflakes:
Image Source

 Then I grabbed a toothpick and the Kiss Nail art paint and went to work:
They turned out ok I think!  and it toned down the Navy polish which I wouldn't normally wear on it's own - It just looks garish on me.  So hopefully this will be the first of  many nail art designs...

How comfortable are you with nail art?  Or do you like a traditional manicure?



  1. Your nails look so pretty! That f21 shade is beautiful. I'm horrible at nail art so I just stick to glitter for something different.

  2. I don't usually do nail art either, but this was relatively easy! I think it would be even easier with a nail art pen!

  3. Girl you got nail art skillz! Love these, now can you come over and do them for me :)

    1. No I'm not at the "skiilz" level yet! I could only do my left hand ! But Nail Art is fun, and I see so much stuff on Pinterest that I need to try! So I have to start somewhere :) I'll come over and do your nails when I move to Canada to shop at SDM :)