Monday, December 3, 2012

November Empties!


I Really, Really, Really tried to use up products this November.  I am terrible about just flip flopping from one product to another.  And as a "beauty enthusiast" (ie Horder).  I have so much I haven't even tried yet.  So here's what I managed to finish!

First up the Body Shop Chamomile gentle eye make- up remover : "Float away the day with refreshing rosewater to gently cleanse and dissolve eye makeup. Also conditions lashes so they feel soft and silky" - Body shop website
Repurchase -'s too gentle, as in it doesn't take much off,  it's a big bottle but for $14, I'll stick to Bi-Facil

Avon Solutions cleanse Total Radiance:  "Lifts & removes dirt, oil and debris. Foaming gel. 5 fl. oz"  -Avon website (is that not the weakest product description you have ever read?)
Repurchase - YES!  I love this stuff it smells wonderful, gets you makeup off, doesn't leave your face feeling stripped and it's only $6-8 depending on if they are running a special. 

Got 2b Rockin it (dry shampoo) - " Skip shampooing but keep your style, Refreshes hair without washing, Invisible after brushed out" -from Walgreens website
Repurchase - NO! It's about $6.49 a bottle if it's not on sale and I used it twice, and it was empty.  what?  I've read of other people saying the same thing there is like no product in here :(

Ivory simply ivory aloe body wash- I got this 2 years ago in my Christmas stocking and I can't find it anywhere anymore.  It has a lovely light smell and does not leave you feeling stripped.  I would repurchase it but I don't think I can :(

Frizz-Ease Clearly Defined hair gel- "Superb style-shaping gel puts hair in its place. Sure-hold, alcohol-free formula allows you to smooth and control curls, from mild to wild. Formula with encapsulated silicone beads calms frizz and imparts a brilliant sheen. Provides a pliable yet lasting hold that's never stiff, sticky or greasy. Curls remain smooth and defined while shining with style." -Walgreens website
Repurchase - Maybe.  It works pretty well, but I have two bottles of mousse I'm trying to get through and 2 other Redken hair products I haven't opened.  I hoping by the time I would have to repurchase my hair will have had some miracle and just be more well behaved without all the junk.

Bath & Body works Aromatherapy Energy body wash- "Power Up! An invigorating blend of Lemon Essential Oil and energizing Ginseng provides a quick pick-me-up.This fast-foaming body wash is infused with soothing skin conditioners. Contains precious botanicals. White birch and bamboo extracts are known to purify and soothe skin while pearl powder helps condition skin.For an energizing bubble bath, add a couple of ounces to warm, running water." - Bath and Body website
Repurchase - Yes (in the travel size) I love how this smells and it is a really nice body wash, but as you can see it takes me forever to go through body washes, so unless I find my HG body wash I think I'm going to buy trial sizes from now on.

Jergens Daily Moisture 24 Hour Hydration Lotion sample - "Ideal for daily use, Jergens® Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer instantly transforms dry, rough skin into visibly smooth skin. With an alluring, smooth fragrance, this long-lasting formula is enriched with Silk Proteins and Citrus Extracts. It leaves skin looking and feeling silky and smooth all day long." - from the Jergens website
Repurchase - No.  I got this sample in my Target Beauty Bag and my legs are dry so very, very dry from September to about March.  This didn't even make a dent in my scaly, parched legs :(  I should show a picture but it would make people stop reading my blog.  There are some things you can't unsee.

I hope to do much better this month!



  1. Looks like you also did okay this month!! I have not used any of these products, but I did come close to picking up that dry shampoo, now I am glad that I did not! I will stick to my Batiste

    1. The Batiste is better anyway! Psssst is a good one too, I'm going around the house today to see how full my bottles are so I can start using up ones that are half full!