Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beauty Blogger Headquarter March Task - Photo Editing


Today I am going to do the March Beauty Blogger Headquarter's Task and it's all about Photo and Video editing on your blog.

Beauty Blogger Headquarters

1) What program(s) have you used in the past for editing your photos and/or videos? Can you provide a short review, likes/dislikes?

I used to mainly use Windows Live Photo editor.  Windows Live Photo editor is pretty basic, you can crop, adjust the color temperature, brightness and contrast.  When I first started this is pretty much all I used.

This picture was taken in the early days of my blog in natural daylight - I now take comparison face pictures with "daylight" lighting so that each picture is consistent and there isn't random shadowing or a change in color temperature because it suddenly gets cloudy. 

2) What program(s) are you currently using for editing your photos and/or videos? Can you provide a short review, likes/dislikes?

I use PicMonkey now because you can crop, adjust color temperature etc... but you can add color background, make collages, and add little graphics.  It's pretty good for a free program, but I do wish I knew how to use Photoshop.

3) What are your thoughts on image editing websites; free or purchased?

I think most of the free websites are pretty basic and give you just enough to want more. I really don't want to spend even $10 a month for extra graphics or whatever.  I guess I'm cheap. It works well enough for now. If my blog were to advance I might consider learning Photoshop.  Now to purchase Photoshop out right as a software package is around $700 there is noooo way I'm paying that currently.  So I don't really know what else I would use.

4) What are your thoughts on editing videos directly on Youtube's website?

I currently use YouTube's video editing and it's no fun - so I have been looking at some other software.  Most likely Sony Movie Studio, since I have a Sony camera and it looks easy to use.

5) What program(s) would you recommend for beginner bloggers?

For basic photo editing PicMonkey is pretty good, and free!  The key to all photo editing is taking GOOD pictures so you don't have to do much! Read up on your camera so you know how use it.  Make your self a light box if possible, it makes a world of difference and allows you to take pictures anytime of day.

6) What is your editing process like? Do you edit individual pieces or schedule a day for all your editing?

I edit my pictures the day I take them so it's usually only a few at a time.  I don't prepare more than 2 posts at a time.

7) On average, how much time do you think you spend on editing images and videos in a week?

Photos, maybe an hour (total in a week).  But if I have to edit a video it's more than an hour (I really am not very savvy) to edit, then like 3 hours to upload it to YouTube.

So that's pretty much it - I will say when I take product pictures I already have a pretty good idea what I am going to write about so I only take a few photos.  My photography skills need improvement, but overall I think they are ok.  Macro is what I have the hardest time with (and yes I have messed with the settings NUMEROUS times) but I think I need a camera upgrade.  I currently use a Sony Cybershot. 



  1. Pixlr.com is pretty similar to Photoshop and free! Editing videos is what's put me off ever starting Youtube as it seems so hard. Does your camera have an automatic setting? If it is on automatic it can be imposible to set it to macro so you may need to switch that function off.

  2. I wish I had the budget for Photoshop!! I'm also pretty cheap. But honestly, as a newbie blogger, I have to make the tradeoff--do I want to pay for editing programs, or do I want to put that $$ into buying new products? So for now I make do with the cheapies.

  3. I've always wondered about the other programs like Corel, which is under $100. So far the free programs I found online worked for the most part. Photoshop has also consumer programs that are more affordable, such as Photoshop Element, which you can get for around $80, and it's more suited for typical users. Photoshop CS is much more advanced, expensive, and primarily for professionals like photographers, designers, etc. You wouldn't need it just to edit photos for your blog unless you really want to jazz it up with special graphics and effects.
    Totally agree with you about taking good pictures first. It makes editing faster, easier, or even effortless cause there's not much to do.