Monday, March 11, 2013

MOTW - Sally Hansen Ista-Gel Strips


This week I used the Sally Hansen Ista-Gel Strip kit to do my manicure - the kit runs anywhere between $27.97 -$29 depending on where you get it (Get it Here!).  It includes the strips (16 of them in various sizes), a orange stick and mini nail file, the Gel top coat and the UV light. 
I haven't had the best luck with the regular nail stickers so I was worried this wouldn't work so well.  But the strips are much more flexible and easily repositionable.

So you just shape your nails, use the included nail pad to clean them, put on the sticker, pull it taught and it basically snaps off at the edge of your nail.  The smooth it all in place, file off the excess and coat it with the Gel top coat.  Put it under the included LED lamp, hit the button and the light goes on for 30 seconds.  Then you wipe it again with the nail pad and it's dry!  How does it work?  Magic. It's seriously easy.  And I think it turned out really nice.

The manicure is advertised to last "up to 2 weeks" - we shall see...  More strips are kinda spendy at $13 ( I could buy like 4 bottles of polish for that!) - but if you are going vacation this would be perfect.  Or if you just don't like doing your nails but like them to look nice. 

Could you maintain the same color for 2 weeks or would you get bored?


** This product was provided to me for trial purposes, this does not affect my review and I always tell you what I honestly think.**


  1. I probably wouldn't use these for everyday--I like to change my nails too often! :D Life is short! But you are totally right about vacay--if indeed they last that long. Keep us updated!

  2. I'm already itching to change it and its only been three days! But it still looks like day 1!

  3. I've been afraid to buy the regular ones because I'm sure I'd muck them up but it's good to hear these ones are easy to use. Do they have patterened strips too?