Friday, March 1, 2013

Inner Beauty Friday - Book Club!


I FINALLY finished my book!  It took 2 weeks - I usually read a new book every 4 days.  But once I start reading something, I don't "quit".  I have only stopped reading 2 books in my entire life.  This one almost made 3 - It was soooo boring.  Anywhoo... Once again I linking up with Heather from Blonde...Undercover Blonde for Book Club!

This is the book that almost took me down - Lark and Termite by Jayne Anne Phillips
Lark and Termite

Look at that it's a National Bestseller & a National Book Award Finalist!
And here's the synopsis from -
Lark and Termite is a rich, wonderfully alive novel about seventeen year old Lark and her brother, Termite, living in West Virginia in the 1950s. Their mother, Lola, is absent, while their aunt, Nonie, raises them as her own, and Termite’s father, Corporal Robert Leavitt, is caught up in the early days of the Korean War. Award-winning author Jayne Anne Phillips intertwines family secrets, dreams, and ghosts in a story about the love that unites us all.

My thoughts- "Wonderfully alive novel?"  It is the description of the same 3 days over and over from different character points of view and they all are just overly descriptive like "the sky was so blue it was like a river flowing, and it could be a river flowing and you felt it deep inside like a river flowing through you like the river outside"  That is NOT a direct quote from the book - but that's what the whole thing was like sentence after mind numbing sentence.  Also "the author intertwines family secrets, dreams and ghosts in a story" WHAT?  The ghost is SO RANDOM you are like why was that in the book? And the family secrets aren't really secret from anyone but one person.  I'm assuming you can tell I did not enjoy this and I feel it got awards for being "wordy & descriptive" which a good book does not make in my mind. 

But you need to read some bad ones to know when you got a good one :)



  1. I LOVE your review. I need honesty!! I'm not into super descriptive books either. I'll skip it.

    Stopping by from the linkup :)

    1. Oh honesty is served up daily in all my reviews! Thanks for stopping by!