Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February Empties - Video

I know February is a short month, but time is really flying by this year.  The January empties post was my 2nd YouTube video and now here I am a month later with 7 more under my belt! So with no further ado...

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Please leave a comment with any Hair advice below! :)



  1. I ran out of room to leave a full hair comment on YouTube :P Scrunching with mousse does nothing for me either.

    First suggestion: have long layers cut into your hair. I did and it seems like my natural waves are perkier and curlier now, and not so limp. It's a good way to tease out the ends of the curls without losing length.

    Styling: My hair is also thin and doesn't really go curly or straight as a rule. Just sort of "Hmm, today I will do THIS to totally frustrate her!" A curl here, a straight piece there. Or really wavy one day and really straight the next. So I need a little help.

    So, I'll trying the Organix Biotin & Collagen styling lotion and spray on damp hair to plump it up. The spray is great for the roots. I mix the lotion with my heat-protecting styling lotion in my palms and work through before blow-drying.

    Then hot rollers to give it a little body and wave. I like those better than a curling iron because you can do your makeup while they "set" and they seem to give better, less ringlet-ish curls.

    When I take the hot rollers out I just shake my hair loose or GENTLY finger comb it before spraying it, but I don't brush out the curls. Everyone says to do that, and when I do I just ruin the waves!!

    Obviously that's a little bit of work. :P So if I want to air-dry, like if I wash my hair right before I go to sleep, I'll spritz my hair with Not Your Mother's Beach Babe spray and comb it through really well, then twist it into 3-4 little buns on top of my head. (Which is just SO sexy looking, I'm sure!)

    When I wake up I take them out and just shake/finger comb them loose for softish waves. A lil spritz of hairspray will help set them, or you can use the Beach spray again. I feel like using this spray does add a little body too, whether you're airdrying in a bun or blow-drying and then styling.

    The only thing about the Beach spray is that it is supposed to make your hair look slightly "matte", so your hair won't look super-glossy. But I guess you could use a hairspray with shine enhancers in it, possibly, to set it in the AM?

    Gawd that turned into a long-winded comment. Hope it helps!!

    1. Thank you so much Martha! I will definitely by trying these tips! I really, really appreciate it

  2. hey, love this post! what's that thingy behind your back? how did you manage to stick those shadows to the board? :)

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by, It's a magnetic eyeshadow board the link tohow I made it is here http://formosacandidus.blogspot.com/2012/01/not-only-amy-i-wildly-beautiful-but-i.html

  3. Look who's getting better with empties ;)