Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big Wishes...


Lately I have been lusting after some big ticket items!


Yea... If I had $4000 to blow you would definitely be seeing me buzzing about town with this!  But is it practical not at all - you have to store it in the winter and I know if it got scraped I'd be PISSED.

Soooo then I thought I should get a new bike:
#2 An Antique Raleigh

ohhhh so cute - this I might actually get - I have a cruiser bike, but mine only has one gear so hills are EVIL!

Then my eye turned to fall fashion and this beauty:
#3 The "Rubie" by Mackage
ohhh that's a really, really nice purse! It's $295, so not crazy expensive but It's also really small 7"H x7"W.

So maybe I should get some shoes instead:
 #4 The "Clusive" by Nine West
These are the pewter version - I couldn't find a picture of the patent leather ones I really want...oh how I love fall fashion!

And with fall fashion comes new beauty delights!
#5 the Michael Kors Beauty Launch

So luxe, So beautifully packaged...WANT WANT WANT. 

I also have been wanting the luscious colors from -
#6 Fyrinnae Eyeshadows!
They have so many more gorgeous colors, and I want them all!  Pang @ Beauty Redefined by Pang did a great review of their products.
What are you wishing for?


  1. The purse is gorgeous. Love the shoes as well. I like that it has a strap around the ankle. I always worry that my shoe would fall off as I walk because I prefer to wear looser shoes. Didn't know MK do makeup. I'd love to see some reviews of them. Lastly, thanks for the mention and you should definitely order some Fyrinnae. I'm itching to get more too and my wishlist is huge, lol. I don't even know where to start.

  2. OMG!! you really wanna by a bike?? SO coooool!!!!!!!!! that purse is also pretty. I hope you''ll get it... wanna see th photos...

  3. I love fall fashion and beauty, it's the time of year when I spend the most money in those two categories!! A Vespa would be nice too. I really want a motorcycle but there's really no where to put it in the winter (sad face). A car is sadly much more practical.

  4. I love fall fashion as well, even though I am way more budget than high end ( clearly from my blog) but I gotta say I love the fyrinnae shadows and have been lusting after them myself!

  5. Vespas make me a nervous wreck lol! I tried driving one once... never again! :)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous