Friday, July 26, 2013

Inner Beauty Friday - Book Club!


It's Friday and I am linking up with Heather from Blonde...Undercover Blonde for Book Club!

This week I read 2 books.

The first was "The Silver Star" by Jeanette Walls-

Here is the synopsis from - "The Silver Star, Jeannette Walls has written a heartbreaking and redemptive novel about an intrepid girl who challenges the injustice of the adult world—a triumph of imagination and storytelling.It is 1970 in a small town in California. “Bean” Holladay is twelve and her sister, Liz, is fifteen when their artistic mother, Charlotte, a woman who “found something wrong with every place she ever lived,” takes off to find herself, leaving her girls enough money to last a month or two. When Bean returns from school one day and sees a police car outside the house, she and Liz decide to take the bus to Virginia, where their Uncle Tinsley lives in the decaying mansion that’s been in Charlotte’s family for generations." 

My thoughts:  I love Jeannette Walls' non-fiction - The Glass Castle is Ah-mazing.  I believe this is her first stab at fiction and it's a good read, it's just that I am measuring it against her non-fiction, and you know how the say truth is crazier than fiction.  It's a good light read.

I also read "Honored Guest" by Joy Williams -

Here is the synopsis from : With her singular brand of gorgeous dark humor, Joy Williams explores the various ways–comic, tragic, and unnerving—we seek to accommodate diminishment and loss. A masseuse breaks her rich client's wrist bone, a friend visits at the hospital long after she is welcome, and a woman surrenders her husband to a creepily adoring student. From one of our most acclaimed writers, Honored Guest is a rich examination of our capacity for transformation and salvation.

My thoughts:  I have been racking my brain for 3 days trying to come up with the words to describe this book.  It's a collection of short stories that I personally wouldn't call dark humor - but rather "disturbing".  I mean disturbing in the sense that it's not the norm and all the stories are a little odd, and it will disturb you a bit - you will be like "ooookkkkk".  I didn't love it - but it was a good read for something different.

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  1. I also read The Glass Castle--it was very depressing, but so very well written at the same time!

    That second book sounds...ooookkkkkkk. Not sure I would pick it up, since the weirder something is, the longer it sticks in my head--I know, there's probably something wrong with me. :P

  2. Honored Guest - is weird for sure, but in a kinda good way that makes you try to understand "what was that about?!?" But if that kind of thing sticks with you - then avoid, avoid! :)