Monday, July 22, 2013

Nina Ultra Pro - Tangerine Dream - Manicure


Today I want to share my weekly manicure - which honestly didn't turn out so well.  I used Nina Ultra Pro in "tangerine dream", I got it at Sally Beauty Supply for under $3.  I believe they have changed the formula since I bought this.

You can see this is one of the bottles that I have taken the time to "categorize" as I have the small swatch sticker on the top. It's a pretty cream coral but application is thick and super streaky.  I did 3 coats over a base coat.

You can see the streaky-ness on my ring finger, and yes my cuticles are terrible.  The color I had on prior to this was a blue that took a lot of remover to get off and I didn't lube up before I re-polished.  I need to get a hit off the Burt's Bees cuticle cream!  

So since I thought it looked bleck - I decided to add glitter!

I added "Rainbow Bridge" and that helped hide the imperfections and give it a little sparkle.  It's already chipping after one day so there will be another change soon!

Happy Monday!



  1. Beautiful color, too bad it's streaky. Love the bling that you got from that glitter, super cute!

  2. Shame it was so streaky!! At least it was cheap.