Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Estee Lauder Lucidity - needs lots o' loose powder


Today I tried Estee Lauder's Lucidity foundation which is moderate coverage, in the shade Linen.
The company describes Lucidity as "The radiantly perfect face. Special light-diffusing pigments actually reflect light away from fine lines and wrinkles, so they seem to disappear. Provides light moisturizing and other skin care benefits, so it's comfortable even on dry skin. Medium coverage, Natural finish, For Normal/Oily, Normal/Dry or Dry Skin protects with SPF 8 sunscreen."  uh-oh the light diffusing statement appears again and once again I ended up with a oily/chalky face.  After 3 attempts at moderate coverage foundations with "special light diffusing" attributes I am ready to give up, they are not for me.  Also, I am disappointed with the low SPF content, at least throw in SPF 15!
Here is my before foundation and after application pictures:
Bare faced

After I put Lucidity on
I think you can definitely see the smoothing effect, but it doesn't stay nice and matte for me unfortunetly.
So the search continues

Next up...Elizabeth Arden,



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