Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm not all that worried about the sweat...

Greetings again:

Today's foundation face is Avon's ExtraLasting Liquid Foundation (it used to be called PerfectWear).

  It is a medium to  full covergae foundation and the company describes it as "Always fresh, never cakey or dry. Resists water and sweat. Stands up to heat and humidity. Feels featherlight and flexible all day. Comfortable coverage up to 18 hours."  The resists water and sweat comment kinda throws me for a loop, can you wear this while swimming? And if it resists sweat is it not letting it through, thus suffocating your skin?  These are not things I really want to try, but for me it did wear comfortably for 12+ hours and it did not look cakey or chalky. 
It does not give as good of coverage as the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra, but it is still a good foundation for evening out skin tone.The main drawback is the application, the product is very dry and does not smooth on to the skin easily.  I had to really blend, blend, blend it with my brush so it was streaking or globbed on in one area.  I like the results enough to keep it because I know it is workable, but I don't think the average user would be pleased.  Tomorrow we move on to a brand I've actually never tried before.

Next up...Clinique,

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