Thursday, January 19, 2012

Everlasting? 10 hours would be fine.

Good Evening:

Today I tried Clarins Everlasting Foundation (or as the bottle actualy says Teint Haute Tenue).
Clarins describes this foundation as "This foundation offers 15 hours of impeccable coverage and total comfort. Formulated with a "high-fidelity system", it enables a light, invisible veil to set your foundation you apply it, leaving it soft and supple with perfectly even, long-lasting wear. Clarins exclusive Light-Optimizing Complex instantly captures, diffuses and magnifies light. Fine lines and small imperfections are visibly minimized and the complexion appears even and luminous."  This is much the same scenario as Teint Miracle by Lancome.  As soon as companies talk about light reflecting, and luminous complexions - I think at about hour 5 this is going to go chalky.  And it did.  Whatever these light complexes are they aren't stable it seems, and if your skin produces any oil you get patches of foundationand your skin goes from luminous to flaky, chalky mess.  It has a really nice smell when you put it on, very botanical, but not the smoothest application I had to really blend it so it wasn't streaky or built up too much in one area.  

Next up... Clarins again!


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