Friday, January 20, 2012

Not only amy I wildly beautiful... but I am CRAFTY!


I have always been crafty in a couple of senses of the word.  Like I'm crafty like a fox, I look for the angle on things and try to come up with unusual solutions if need be.  And then I'm Crafty like Martha Stewart - big time.  I am an avid quilter, I do needlework, I make jewelry and I sew bags and things.  So what does this rant have to do with the world of beauty junkies.  I needed to craft up some storage ideas for my makeup collection!  I saw the idea on Pinterest (which is the best waste of time ever), and decided I needed to make my own MAGNETIC MAKEUP BOARD.

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

 This is what you need:
1) Old frame that can still hold in the glass plate
2) Sandpaper
3) Paint in your choice of color (acrylic craft paint works well) and a sealer
4) Paint brush
5) Sheet metal cut to fit in frame
6) Spray Adhesive
7) Fabric of your choice
8) Sticky back magnets (it usually comes in a roll)

Ok - so I went thrifting and found a large frame with a hideous picture inside for $4.  I took sthe picture out and measured it.  I had my man friend cut the piece of sheet metal to fit inside the frame using the old picture as a template.  Be careful cutting and handling sheet metal - it's sharp! I then I cut the fabric to fit the piece of sheet metal with just a teensy (like 1/8 inch) extra around the edge.  I used spray adhesive to adhere the fabric to the metal and then sanded the frame so I could paint it.
Here is the frame pre-paintjob:
The gold foil frame is actually not bad but I wanted PINK - like Barbie pink :)
So I layed out a protective surface and just painted two twin coats on.
Next I put the metal with the fabric on it into the frame and secured it in place.  And it looked like this:
For some reason the pink frame looks different in every picture - I am not a good photographer.

Sweet Barbie fabric right!?!  My Makeup desk/closet is all white, black and pink so this was just right.  Then I just started going thru my eyeshadows and choosing the ones that I can see the color thru the lid and I put magnets on the back and Wa-Lah- stuck them to the board and now they are easily accesible and take up no counter space.  Not bad for $4!
I also "distressed" the frame a bit because I like the gold coming thru.  I ran out of magnets, but this is a great start.  Please feel free to ask any questions if you want to make your own and I wasn't clear!

Keepin it Crafty,
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