Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Skincare is the ultimate Makeup

This is going to come across terribly vain but it's the truth and I have a point - people often tell me I have beautiful skin and I do.  But it is because I work at it!  I was on the SPF train back in the 90's people, I have always been very, very careful to protect my skin from UV damage and it's paid off.  I don't smoke I rarely drink and I get a lot of sleep. I would be really in good shape if I would just drink more water :). I said I had a point and this is it - Make up can only do so much. You have to take care of the palette the art is going on.
I have a rigorous skin regime (AM -> wash, tone, serum, sunblock, eye cream, skin cream) and (PM -> wash, tone, serum, self tanner, eye cream, skin cream) and when people ask me how I keep my skin looking good I tell them my system and they say "Oh I could never do that, it's soooo much." I try and explain it takes all of 3 minutes, and you just have to want to do it, (Like anything else in life.) But I do do it, and EVERY day. But that is why I have nice skin, it's not luck, it's effort. So when I put on that make-up I love so much I am not spending so much time trying to hide what I don't like but rather enhance what I do like and enjoy the art. Once you start taking care of your skin, you would be surprised how hard of a good habit it is to break.

Making pale - pretty,

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