Sunday, January 8, 2012

The skin I'm in

So as I mentioned last post, I believe I have "good skin" so I decided I better put out some proof - so here I am freshly scrubbed with just my serum and moisturizer and eye cream on :)  Please excuse my goofy look!  I also need, need to get my eyebrows done!  When I have makeup on I can fake a better arch with my brow powder. I also don't think of myself as being that "freckly", but I think the face self tanner I use is bringing them out, if that's possible.  Yes, I did say self tanner I'm normally about 4 shades lighter than this, but New Year's is one of the few times I dress up and take pictures so I need to not blind the flash. Again comments and thoughts are appreciated!  :)

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