Sunday, January 15, 2012

Perfectly not what I expected...


Today I tried Clinique's Perfectly Real Foundation, which is described by the company as "Feels like nothing at all. Yet creates your skin's most perfected, natural look. Patent-pending* micro-mirrored technology optically resurfaces skin. Ultra-lightweight liquid formula is oil-free, non-acnegenic."  The micro-mirrored technology was not a mirror I want to look into after a few hours.  Intially, it looked good:

It took quite a bit of product to get coverage, I generally use about a pea size of product, with Perfectly Real I need about a nickel size.  It emphasized my pore size more than any of the products I have used so far and you do not want to use a setting powder because it turns cakey!  So I think it you really, want to be Perfectly Real that's how you have to wear it - perfectly by itself.  My blush (powder) caked as well, a cream blush may fair better.  This formula is touted as moderate coverage, which I would agree with.  If you just wear foundation and mascara this may work for you, but as a foundation base I'm perfectly disappointed.

Next old friend Chanel,

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