Monday, January 9, 2012

Prepping the Palette


So now that you've seen me in the"buff" I thought I'd start showing what different type of foundations can do.  There are 3 major questions you should consider when choosing a foundation(s) (I really feel you need 2 in your arsenal, as I have yet to find one that can be light enough for "day" looks and be built up enough for the full coverage you may need.) Anywhoo.. 
#1 - Consider your skin type (dry, normal/combination, oily) and look for one that caters to your particular skin - though I will say 85% of us are normal/combination skin.  Truly dry skin is rare (most the time people just need to exfoliate and use a moisturizer) and truly oily skin is not that common either. In my years working at the cosmetic counter I have seen maybe 1 or 2 people that had OILY skin and they were under a dermatologists care. 
#2 - What do you want you foundation to do?  Do you want full coverage or natural luminessence (the dewy look), do you want to cover redness, do you want it to be super long lasting? etc, etc...  Most foundations can do a few of these things at once so do a little research online of the major brands and you'll be able to narrow the field down quickly.
#3 - How much do you care?  If you just want something quick - tinted moisturizer is great.  If you want more coverage then do it right, get thee a foundation brush!
Now that you know what you want your Foundation to be, where do you get it?  Head to the mall!  Almost all of the major lines Lancome, Clinique, Estee Lauder, MAC, Dior and on and on will ask you the exact questions I mentioned and color match you for free any day of the week.  Many will give you a sample to try for a few days.  So let them know what you are looking for and try it out!  Some may not want to spend as much so find out your local drug stores return policy and you can often try products and return them.  There are so many prducts out there, you will definetly find the right one for you.  Or in my case the right 5 or 6....

So here's some of mine! I decided to start with tinted moisturizer as I honestly think that's all most people really want and/or need, and most have an excellent amount of SPF which is a super bonus! 
Here I have on Physcian's Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 (tinted moisturizer) in Fair

 along with Chanel loose powder in Clair 1.  It looks very, very natural but I like that it evens out my color a bit (I tend to be pink on the chin and nose and cheeks) and the SPF is great!  My chin needs concealer, but that a whole different post!  My next post will kick it up a notch with "natural appearance" foundation. 


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