Thursday, January 19, 2012

Superbalance...except when I use the stairs

Today's foundation face is Clinique's SuperBalanced in Light. 

 The Clinique webbsite describes this foundation as "The smart makeup. Liquid foundation with adjustable, oil-free coverage provides moisture and absorbs oil when and where needed. Silky upon application."  It provides medium coverage and did not cake or get chalky during the day.  I also did not need to apply powder so it must live up to absorbs oil claim. 

It's a good foundation for it's pricepoint $23.  The application is not as smooth as other foundations I have tried, and it needs to be blended in quite a bit, but then you are good to go all day. And as for my superbalance I don't think I've fallen this week, but give it a few days or a set of stairs.

Next up...Clarins,

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