Thursday, October 10, 2013

Essential Cellulose Velvet Eye Patch


I have a fun product to show you today.  It's part of a big haul of Korean beauty goodies my friend brought me back from Korea!
I don't know much about the brand AHC but here's what I found out online on their Site -
"A.H.C provides high quality professional skincare products, produced with its world-level high technology. It tries to develop high-tech cosmetics such as cosmeceuticals which integrates beauty and science, in order to bring a fundamental care on skin conditions. A.H.C’s products, based on the skin science mechanism, control skin functions and form the most optimized environment for skin to create healthy skin."
Well that sounds good!  So I gave them a try after work last night my skin has been feeling kind of tight lately and I get red really easily.
They are just kind of "in" the packet, it's got a lot of extra gel/serum in there and you slide them out.  I couldn't tell which side was the "right" side so I just slapped them on.  They sort of stick to your face, and I left them on tell they "dried" out, about 15 minutes.
And here's the Before and After...
Can't tell the difference - neither can I!  But it felt different, the area around my eye felt hydrated and smooth.  I have 9 left so I am going to save them up for a week and then try it once a week during the winter season!
Have you tried eye masks and what was it like?


  1. I've never tried anything like this before! But masques are always enjoyable. :)

    1. They are! And the eye mask idea is really good considering the skin around your eye is some of the thinnest on your body.

  2. I can't see a difference but if you can feel the difference then I think it's a good thing. I've not tried the eye mask but I think they might not be much different from the Asian face masks.

    1. I got several Asian face masks to try (including the infamous snail kind) so we will see!

  3. Well, I don't use any eye mask;perhaps this one is fun to try , isnt it?

  4. What a great friend! I loved trying out Korean beauty products when I lived over there...well, with the exception of all those whitening creams. I think I'm already pale enough!