Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Starting Off Project - Foundation


I fell of track on the Starting Off Project but I'll try to sneak a few more in this week:

so project

I left off on Foundation.

In my previous post on Concealer HERE I wrote about my preference to use concealer most of the time unless I really need a full face of foundation.  Because in my opinion if you are going to wear foundation - go all out with the big guns.
I have also included a link to my Foundation Routine Video 

But of course I would be remiss to not describe the various types of foundation.  I hear foundation called "base" as well and that's pretty much what it is - a cream or powder formula made to match your skin and give you the appearance of a perfect base.

Let's start off with the ridiculous-ness that is the "BB", "CC" "whateva" cream trend.  You know what it is? Tinted moisturizer with some Sunscreen - end off story.  I use it as a primer because I like the extra sunscreen, it acts as a bit of a redness corrector and I can wear it alone with concealer.  Here's my reviews of some of the products out there:The BB Cream Bible

Then there are the "natural" or "light" coverage foundations - blah.  You get more out of a BB cream.

The "medium" coverage - which is really what 80% of them are, a true full coverage foundation scares people.

And of course "full coverage"  which pretty much should cover anything and everything and make you all one color. 

Here's a link to 18 Foundation reviews I have done - Click Here

Now as to putting on the foundation - fingers waste a lot of product but work way better than the little triangle sponges.  A brush is really the way to go, the foundation dispenses evenly and you use a lot less product.

So now tell me about your favorite foundation!



  1. I use the Missha Cho Bo Yang BB cream as base and well it's literally full coverage but doesn't look cakey at all. Only problem is the color I use is a bit too cool tone so I use a thin layer of the L'oreal magic nude liquid powder foundation over it to warm it up and blend with my natural skin color. This has been my face makeup routine for the past couple months.

    1. I stand corrected - actual Asian BB creams have the coverage I crave! My friend is in Seoul and I gave her a list of things to try and bring back :) Those 2 products sound wonderful together as I have read about them on your blog and they both sound great!

  2. Right now my skin is mostly behaving so I just use concealer...but the Flower BB cream has heavier coverage and is great for my "bad skin" days. I suppose I should go foundation shopping but I'm too lazy!!