Monday, October 14, 2013

Korean Skincare Haul


I mentioned last week that a lovely friend of mine brought me back some skincare and cosmetic items from South Korea when she went a few weeks ago. Here is the Haul!

Ohhh la la Some full face sheet  masks and 10 eye patch masks!  I reviewed the eye patches Here!  The green masks is one of the infamous snail serum masks!

And then...
Masks from Shara Shara, more snail! And Mung Bean and Collagen and the one I am most excited about Hyaluronic Acid (this helps you retain moisture so it will be awesome in a couple months).
Missha BB Cream!!  Yea haw!  I have wanted this for so long!  Plus some awesome fun samples :)  Can you tell how excited I am for all this stuff - I squeeee every time I look at it!
And finally a too cool for school eye shadow - it's buttery soft and blends really well.  The color is navy with a turquoise sparkle - perfect for smoky night eyes.
And that's it!  The only scary part is I can't read the directions...but a mask is a mask right?!?!  Let's hope!
What's your favorite foreign beauty product!

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  1. What a great haul! I have been wanting that Missha BB Cream forever as well, but I'm not going to take the plunge and buy it until I use up my other two BB Creams. Let me know how you like it. :)