Monday, October 28, 2013

Pixi Classy Cocoa - or not?


Today I want to share with you my most recent manicure.  I used Pixi nail polish which I got at Target for $8.00.  Here's what the Pixi site has to say about their polish "Formulated for high definition, super smooth application with a chip-resistant finish and built-in UV protection to prevent polish discolouration."  They also do not test on animals.

The color is called "classy cocoa" and to be honest it is purple, or deep taupe, or brown depending on what light you are in.  I really can't tell if I like it or not!

And here are my lovely nails:

See?  It's really gross brown in that picture - but it looks better in daylight and in fluorescent light - oy!  Now for all their lovely claims that it is chip resistant... you can see from the first picture I used a Sally Hansen top Coat.  I always use a top coat - I can't stand chipped nail polish, one chip and I'm done.  This polish chipped within 12 hours, and I was sitting at home reading and folding laundry!  What! so big fail there.  The brush in normal - I like the skinny bottle, the formula is a little runny.

Here again you can see it looks more grey/tuape - It's not duochrome it just a weird color. And if it chips on me with a different top coat - we are done - because that's not "classy cocoa" at all!

So what do you think?



  1. Ugh, I'm the same way about chips--one chip and that polish is OFF. I would rather have bare nails than chipped polish. I've never tried the Pixi polishes but if this is how they work I may not pick any up, I'll stick to brands that I know will last.

  2. As soon as it chips, I'm going at it and picking on it until it comes completely off hahaha.