Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October Ipsy Subscription!


I came home tonight and my Ipsy Bag was waiting for me!  I have been so good about not looking at anything related to Ipsy so I had no idea what to expect.  Plus for the last 3 months they have been doing more customized bags with like 10 different product options so you really don't know what you are going to get.

So this month's theme was "The Art of Beauty"
The bag is really cute and below it I placed a list of all the brands that could have been in the bag.
So what was inside?
First up Lip gloss from OFRA I don't know much about the brand so I checked it out -
"We provide a broad range of superior quality cosmetics created from the finest ingredients available. Our pro makeup is perfect for professional application and instruction, incredible under the camera, and fabulous for every day use. Our Body Glow products are wildly popular for a dramatic, striking all-over glow. Ofra Cosmetics has now developed a specialized line of advanced vitamin C-based skin care products for the professional as well. Our skin care line utilizes the newest innovations to combine natural, effective remedies with sophisticated technology, creating the perfect foundation for the most radiant makeup application."  It reminds me of Krylon if they sold skincare too. 
This gloss has some color, it's not sheer which I like.  It also has a plumping effect (which I always love) and it definitely tingles!
Up next -
Nourish Organic lotion in "Coconut & Argan" - yea!  This feels great and I always am looking for a great lotion for my scaly winter legs.
Yea!!!! Ole Henrickson Truth Serum - I have been considering a new serum and this is one I wanted to try!  I will do a better review in a few weeks once I try it out. 
The Zoya polish is Morgan and the color is a lovely plummy purple hybrid.
Here it is swatched and you can see it has shimmer in it too!  I'm definitely wearing this soon!

And finally...
From Sexy Hair - Spray Clay (what !?!) -
"Sexy Hair Spray Clay is a "next generation" of styling gives you the effect of clay in an easy to use spray form. Hold: 7, Shine: 1. Spray Clay allows for a fine and even application to achieve an allover texturized look and is great for all hair types needing added texture and movement with a dry, non-waxy hold."
I do not know what this will do... but I think it might be good for my hair as it sometimes too soft and needs some hold and shape.  We will see!
So once again I am so impressed with my little $10 subscription - plus I realy want to know more about OLFA!
What products would you like to get?



  1. You got a really good bag this month!!! That Sexy Hair spray sounds weird, but maybe it will be really cool?

    1. I did get lots of fun stuff! And I am really hoping the hair "spray" is good, I'm a bit nervous to try it.

  2. You got some great products! Loving that Zoya polish, very pretty!

    1. I can't decide if I like it or not - it is one of those colors that can look a bit garish.

  3. I shouldn't read this post because mine hasn't came yet, and we usually have the same things, but I've been excited waiting for it.

  4. I got that same nail polish, but everything else was different. I got a hand cream, some hair gel, a moisturizer, and maybe that lip gloss too (come to think of it). The bag itself is one of my favorites too. Ipsy has become one of my favorite monthly subscriptions.

    1. I really don't think any of the other subscriptions really come close! They always have such a good bunch of items :)