Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sephora + Pantone Nail Polish


After my debacle with my terrible chipping polish - Here.  I needed to redo my weekly manicure so I pulled out a bottle of polish I hadn't tried yet - I got it from Sephora in their sale section for $5 about a month ago.  It is part of the Sephora/Pantone collaboration and the color is "antique gold". 

The box came a little smushed - but the polish inside was fine.  I really like the packaging I think the white top off sets the color is the bottle.  The brush was nice and flat and the formula was quite nice as well. 

I was worried there would be brush marks but it dried pretty smooth.  The color is very metallic, and it is duo chromatic with a green shift.  it's a little festive for everyday for me personally.  I think it would be good as an accent nail or for a special occasion. 

Do you think some polishes are best saved for certain occasions?



  1. such a pretty metallic shade. I nned to head to the sephora for this. Thanks dear for the share :D

  2. Oooo I love the duochrome! I don't really wear polishes based on occasion but more like based on my mood. My nails are probably the only piece of me where I feel free to wear whatever whenever.

  3. Gorgeous polish, the packaging is really neat too! I agree with Pang, my polish is usually based on my mood.

  4. That's pretty! It would be nice as an accent for some Christmas party nails.

  5. I absolutely think some nail polishes are best meant for holidays and festive times :) This one seems like a gorgeous accent color for the upcoming holidays!!!