Monday, October 21, 2013

The Sunshine Award


I woke up Sunday morning to a tweet from Lisa @Ameliorer la Vie to let me know she had nominated for the Sunshine Award!  Thank you again Lisa! 

So what is the Sunshine Award?
The sunshine award is an award given to those who inspire us and bring sunshine into our lives.

And there are a few simple rules:

*Include the award logo in your blog post

*Link to the person who nominated you

*Answer 10 questions about yourself

*Nominate other bloggers
So lets get to the 10 questions Lisa sent me -
1) What's your favorite brand of makeup overall?
Wow, that's HARD for me to answer.  I'm going to have to go with Inglot - they have everything you need and just about every color.  It's affordable, great quality and they are always coming out with new great stuff.
2) What's the most fun thing you've done in the past two weeks?
Last week I had Saturday off and all to myself and I got to read, and nap and go shopping at my leisure, I love my me time :)
3) Name something that you are saving up for.
A UK tour Fall 2014!
4) What do you hope to accomplish this fall?
Keep working on my fitness and weight loss plan, do well in the rest of my fall classes, and purge at least 3 boxes of stuff from the hall closet.
5) Do you have a workout routine?  If so, what is it?
Elliptical twice a week and I do all my errands by bike on Saturdays.  I also try to do free weights at least once a week.
6) Describe one of your pet peeves.
I have A LOT, but one that I have noticed a lot lately is when someone sniffles and clears there throat every 2 minutes instead of just blowing their nose.  Agggg!
7) Which celebrity do you think is very stylish?
Gwen Stefani - she can rock anything and she's 44!
8) How do you motivate yourself?
I make a lot of "bargains", if I loose weight I can buy a pair of boots I want.  If I do well in school I get a piece of jewelry etc...  But mostly I just want to do things or I don't.  And if I don't, it's going to take a LOT of guilt to get me to do it.
9) What upcoming movie are you dying to watch?
Anchorman 2!
10)  What is something about your blog that you are proud of?
That I am still gaining followers on Bloglovin and that I more people are commenting and sharing their feedback with me.

Now I need to nominate some other sunny bloggers :)
Bethan @ A pretty place to play
Amy @ Small Budget Beauty
Steph @ fun size beauty

And here are my 10 questions for them!
1. Name one of your guilty pleasures.
2. Do you wear makeup every time you leave your house?
3. What is your favorite color to wear on your nails?
4. What is your favorite quote?
5.  If you were the main character in a movie, which actress would you want to play your role?
6. What is your favorite social media & why?
7. What are your 3 favorite books?
8. What do you dislike about blogging? (Be honest!)
9. Share a tradition that you and your family enjoy
10. What’s your favorite blog post (from you or others) ?

Thanks for reading!




  1. Agree with you on Q7. She is super gorgeous lady!!

  2. hehe for us makeup lovers, I don't think we can settle with just one brand.

  3. I'm the same on #8, either I'm obsessed with something or I'm not interested at all. And if I'm not interested it will pretty much take a crowbar to get me to budge and do it!

  4. I love Gwen Stefani, too. She is really unique and definitely doesn't look 44.

  5. I make a lot of bargains with myself too, best motivator I know. Thank you so much for nominating me :) I will get my post up on Friday

  6. Aw aren't you sweet! Thanks for the lovin'!