Monday, August 27, 2012

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector & Peel - Week 4 Final Impression


Today was the final day of my four week trial of Garnier's Dark Spot Corrector & Peel (initial review of products Here).  Overall I did not get the results I was hoping for (Freckle removal and Acne scar fading).  But I also realize that an over the counter product may not be strong enough to achieve the results I am looking for.  So let's see the pictures :

Day Before I started
 using the products
After 4 weeks of use

I can definitely see some improvement, I think I got more results from the corrector cream than the nightly peel.  I just feel like the cream absorbed better, and I don't like using the peel every night - I miss my serums and lotions! 
I think these products work best for those with a darker complexion than mine - it breaks up the melanin and what little melanin I have is not easily budged!
Any recommendations for another "whitening and brightening cream" to try?


  1. i got some medical grade peel from amazon. did lots of research first....Its the TCA peel...Said it came in 100 % concentration. I dont know that for sure but wasnt going to find out. The MOST a cosmetic surgeon will do is 80% under anesthesia. I started out with like 2 % (dilution with purified water) applied with a fan brush. not enough- went to 5% still not enough. 8% was ok but not deep enough. I think the last time i did it i did 12 %...the first day it felt like a bad sunburn? tight and slightly tender...then top layer of skin got shiny (best way to explain is ..when u were a kid and put elmers glue on the back of your hand and it got plastic wrinkly shiny look?) iver read...keep it moisturized, dont moisturize....def lay on the mositurizeer...still, it wont matter cus any sort of makeup will make you look 120 with this top layer of skin trying to shed. plan on about a full week after application to have skin normal again...also, a pimple or 2 because once skin becomes hard it doesnt let skin breathe as normal untill peeling begins...DO NOT HELP PEEL! it can cause pigmentation differences if you pick or pull. I liked it. I went back on RetinA after to keep skin lookinh better. I will do peel again but just not ready for that weeks commitment of looking like an elmers glue monster!

    1. I think the best bet for me is the Kojic acid peels and Microdermabrasion. I have a perscription for Renova too. But I'm just hoping for some over the counter miracles :) Thanks for checkin out my blog Miss Melissa!

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  3. Wow what a difference - I've never heard of this product but I adore Garnier, will definitely have to check it out! I'm a new follower from bloglovetherapybloghop now following on GFC & Bloglovin!

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