Friday, August 3, 2012

July favorites!

Here's some of my favorite products that I have been stuck on using in July.

1) Arbonne RE9 Regenerating Toner smells great, leaves my face cleaner & is gentle.  (Review Here)

2) Maybelline Dream Cream BB in Light Sheer - like your skin but slightly better, easy to apply and SPF 30 (Review Here)

3) Neutrogena Spectrum + SPF 55 sunscreen- lightweight, UVA/UVB, and I have never gotten burnt while wearing it!  Job well done!

4) Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm - moisturizing, a lovely shade of red, and lasts a good amount of time (Review Here)

5) Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid SPF 70 - the Best sunscreen I have found for the face.  It's very thin and lightweight, so you can put your daily moisturizer on then this and then your foundation and your face does not feel like a cakey mess. 

6) Chapstick Overnight - I swab my lips with this before I go to bed and wake up with soft lips that don't require much help throughout the day.  It has a vaseline like texture and this little tube has lasted me over a month.

7) Revlon Lash Adhesive - I like this so much than regular lash glue,it has a little brush so you don't squeeze out blobs of glue.  You can just brush on a light even coat everytime :)

8)Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm - Lightweight consistancy means it melts right in, perfect before applying lipstick or gloss.  It's slightly minty.  It's my HG for pre-lipstick moisture.

I hope to find even more wonderful products this month...especially with all the new fall colors beginning to show up in stores  - yea!



  1. Hey girl!! Thanks for stopping by our blog!! Excited to have found you too! That lash adhesive looks way better than glue! Thanks!!

  2. Great picks! I love the Maybelline BB cream but ours is a different packaging, wonder if the formula is the same.. Anyway, great blog! If found you on the Brightside Blog hop! Following you. :)
    Check out my blog if you get the chance!

  3. Found you on Blog Hop! Great product, love the beauty rush lip balm! New follower:)