Monday, August 6, 2012

Physcian's Formula Ph Matchmaker Bronzer...turned me Snooki


Today I tried Physician's Formula Ph Matchmaker Bronzer which supposedly matches you in 60 seconds.   From my understanding of how Ph matching cosmetics work it will get darker as your skin gets more acidic, something I found to be very true.  Hot day, I started to sweat and suddenly I went from slightly bronze to orange.
It's a pretty hefty compact, with room for a small brush in the bottom and it also has small LED lights on each side of the mirror you can turn on and off.
Lights On!
Useless Brush
I got it at Target for $14.95 for .46oz.  Judging by the size of this compact you would think you were getting a lot more product.  It's more sparkly than the bronzers I traditionally use, but that's good because I usually only use a bronzer to contour.  So this can work as a blush ( as long as I don't sweat and change my Ph - definitely a winter product).

Pre- Bronzer, with just Maybelline BB cream on
With bronzer

As you can see after the initial 60 seconds it gave me a bit of color but as I mentioned if you Ph changes to much the color keeps intensifying - not so good.  I guess I could do with less gimmicks and just products made with safe and quality ingredients.


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