Friday, February 15, 2013

Gifts from the Great White North


Today I wanted to share some wonderful items Christine from Little Red Bow sent me.  We did a bit of a international swap, she's on a beauty spending ban so I said I would send her some hard to get (in Canada) American goodies, and she kindly offered to send me back some Canadian fun!  Here's the loot:
First and foremost - there WAS more candy but I ate it before I took these pictures (there was a ChurlyWurly which was like the best thing ever, and some other gummy candies too)
The Red Mittens are so cute and they are lined - soooo nice and warm and I look stylin' with my red lips black pea coat and red mittens, just sayin'
I haven't tried the Balea Body scrub yet, I'm saving it for a good soak and scrub night :)
She also sent a LouLou magazine - Love it! It's so fun to read a beauty/fashion magazine from another country

Now here are the 2 amazing beauty items:
They are both from Bourjois (can some one tell me how to pronounce it correctly?)  The blush is A-mazing (it's Rose d'Or)  It is the perfect pink gold and goes on like a dream.  I also think all blushes should come in this size so I can hoard more and finish of more :)

The Nail polish is called "Bleu Violet"  In the picture it's pulling more blue, but it is the most vibrant, deep purple I have ever seen!  I can't wait to do my nails with this!

I can't thank you enough Christine for the thoughtful gifts!  If you want to see the lipstick I sent her and bought the same for me so we could do a duo review check it out Here!

Now if I can just get to the UK to visit a Boots!

Any products from far away you want to get your hands on?



  1. I'm totally envious of you people living in the states... you've got access to nearly everything down there.

    Didn't know we had bourjois polishes in Canada... better go hunting :)

    1. We do have a lot, but we don't have Bourjois, Annabele, B kamins, Marcelle, MUA, Sleek etc.. Hope you find some awesome polishes!

    2. You can get Bourjois at select Shoppers (the one in the Eaton Centre has Bourjois). The products are pretty pricey though.

  2. Wow that blush sure looks pretty! I like to get my hands on everything and anything just cause I always like trying new products. :p

    1. The blush is A-mazing and just right for me! I know the feeling I WANT ALL the MAKEUP! :)

  3. Oooo looks like you got some nice goodies here!!

  4. I did indeed, look out for apost on the polish soon! It's sooo pretty!

  5. I'm glad you like everything:) And as I said I OWE you and hopefully can make it to the UK this year (if I can find a cheap enough flight) so I can get you some British goodies.