Saturday, February 16, 2013

Le Perfume Collection


Today I wanted to share my perfume collection and find out what fragrances you love!  I love, love, love perfume.  My friend and have always joked (but we are actually serious) that we want to be the woman who always leaves her scent in a room.  I find it a huge compliment if someone asks "what are you wearing?"  My favorite Perfume of all time is:

Boucheron is a Floral Semi-Oriental
Top Notes: Sicilian tangerine, Calabrian bitter orange, apricot, Persian galbanum, African tegetes, Spanish basilica
Heart Notes: Morrocan orange blossom, Grasse tuberose, Madagascar ylang-ylang, Moroccan jasmine, Auvergne narcissus, British broom
Base Notes: Mysore sandalwood, amber, Indian Ocean vanilla, South American tonka bean

I Seem to gravitate towards perfume with Jasmine as the Heart or "middle" notes, and most of my favorites are "florentals" (Floral Orientals)  I linked a description of the perfumes next to the names in the pictures below!

The first 4 perfumes are the ones I am currently wearing this month in an effort to "trim" my collection which you can read about Here!

The Body Shop - White Musk
Sarah Jessica Parker - Lovely
Victoria's Secret - Breathless
Ellen Tracy - Ellen Tracy

DKNY - Delicious Nights
Jessica Simpson - Fancy Nights
Graham Webb - Bodacious
Ralph Lauren - Glamourous

Faconnable - Faconnable pour Elle
Estee Lauder - Tuscany per Donna
Sarah Jessica Parker - Covet
Chanel - Allure

Ralph Lauren - Romance
Mark - Citrus Bloom
Gwen Stefani - L L.A.M.B.
Ann - Ann Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor - Forever Elizabeth
Oscar de la Renta - Intrusion
Lancome - Oui
Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle

Victoria's Secret - Pink
Escada - Sexy Grafitti
Lancome - Poeme
Lancome - Tresor in Love

So are any of these perfumes on your shelf?  What's on your perfume wish list?



  1. I have owned some of these in the past! Glamorous, Romance & LAMB :)
    I think my collection gravitates more toward sweet scents, yours are what I would call more floral musky scents. I love it when people ask me what kind of perfume I am wearing, I get the most compliments when I wear Alien & Hot Couture

  2. oh yeah...I'm definetly a floral person! Alien is the only Terry Muegler I like, and I haven't smelled Hot Couture. The sweetest one I have is probably the Escada Sexy Grafitti. Now to finish some off so I can buy more :)

  3. this post smells delicious, i wish i had them all, they look so elegant :)!


    1. Thanks! I loveperfume bottles especially vintage ones, they are so pretty! I think that's half my obsession!

  4. I've never heard of Boucheron, where do you buy it? I've actually never tried anything you've posted but then again I've not tried many perfumes. My mum has Alien though and it's really nice.

    1. I get Boucheron at Bloomingdale's or Neiman Marcus. It's not a very "mainstream" perfume. It's been out since 1989 (I believe). That's why I love these posts, everyone has such different taste and you learn about all sorts of new stuff! :)

  5. I don’t know why I love perfume so much. It is only on the rarest of occasions that I manage to go through an entire bottle.